Inspection and Damage Assessment

A key element in the quality of manufactured products is the early detection of non-compliant items. Inspection tasks are often long processes requiring huge number operations to be performed with high precision. Technicians have to remain focused on their work while manually navigating into complex systems and large amounts of information. Damage assessment tasks also require locating impacts and their relative position with regard to structural elements in order to assess their criticality.
AR inspection tools provide means to perform on-field inspection tasks with a maximized efficiency. All the required information is available where it’s needed: inspection checklists are displayed in the user field of view while localized elements and hidden parts are highlighted on the equipment itself. Inspectors can instantly take pictures and annotate areas of concern and compare them with maintenance histories or previous assessment.

Inscape Augmented Reality Inspection and damage assessment

Main Features

  • Step by step instructions and superimposition of items to inspect
  • Hidden parts display: frames, electronic and hydraulic systems
  • Measurements and alignment tools
  • Contextual multimedia content
  • Field annotation, report generation and electronic signature


  • Reduced inspection time
  • Early detection of non-compliance in manufactured products
  • Complete traceability of inspections and damage assessment operations
  • Improved reliability of inspection processes