Long downtimes reduce the availability of equipments, costing time and money to the companies. Machines often require highly qualified staff for corrective and preventive maintenance activities, especially for occasional failures for which technicians are not trained to. Evaluating the cause of a breakdown and performing the necessary operations to repair the defective equipment requires them to browse through long printed manuals and access to heterogeneous sources of data.
AR-assisted tools provide all the necessary instructions directly to the technicians letting them fully concentrate on their tasks. Contextual and relevant work instructions are superimposed on their work environment, precisely when and where it’s needed. Such systems dramatically reduces repair times and costly errors, while minimizing personal injuries.

Inscape Maintenance Augmented Reality.jpg

Main Features

  • 3D and textual work instructions
  • Contextual multimedia content
  • Link with troubleshooting guide
  • Component location
  • Field annotation and intervention report generation
  • Integration with enterprise databases and management systems


  • Increased efficiency: information is provided exactly when and where it’s needed
  • Reduced equipments downtime
  • Reduced risk of errors due to the availability of contextual information
  • Increased safety
  • Traceability of performed operations