Sales & Marketing

AR-assisted tools for sales and marketing make it possible for customers to interactively discover a product. From a single version of a full-size of miniature prototype, they can evaluate an unlimited number of design options, and turn around and navigate into the object as if it really existed in that custom configuration.
Future variants can be shown as if they really existed. Interactive functions provide access to animated 3D objects demonstrating how to use the product or the detailed characteristics of specific systems. They can also be used to capture the customers’ behaviours such as the most requested configurations in order to improve the sales process.

Inscape - Sales and Marketing Augmented Reality

Main Features

  • Display of different configurations, colours or livery from a single prototype
  • Integration of virtual interactive content
  • Hidden parts visualisation
  • Contextual multimedia content
  • Component location


  • Accelerated consumer purchase decision thanks to controllable and customisable content
  • Explanatory functions reducing the salesman assistance
  • Traceability of customers behaviour
  • Cost reduction in the number of required prototypes in retail establishments