Remote Assistance

Remote assistance tools rely on collaborative support platforms where part or all of the knowledge is delivered in real-time by a remote expert. They are more particularly suitable for maintenance, assembly, inspection and damage assessment. Traditional audio and video conferencing suffer from many limitations regarding the capabilities for the expert to designate a part or graphically explain a procedure to the field technician.
AR-assisted remote tools leverage the knowledge of the remote expert as if they were standing right next to the field technician. Real-time work instructions, annotations, 3D animations are displayed in the field-of-view of the worker, overlaid on their exact location on the equipment. Experts interact with the CAD or reconstructed 3D model to place labels and icons, select appropriate multimedia content or display hidden parts, assisting the field technicians to perform their task the optimal way.

Inscape Augmented Reality Remote Assistance

Main Features

  • Audio and video conferencing, live streaming to the remote expert
  • 3D animated procedures (interactive or pre-recorded) overlaid to the real equipment
  • On-the-fly annotations: labels, icons, hand drawing
  • Component location


  • Decreased response time, allowing for better reactivity in case of unexpected issues
  • Improved work quality
  • Reduced travel costs, an expert can assist technicians from all around the world
  • Reduced expert training cost