Training & Human Factors

Augmented Reality efficiently supports user education by providing on-the-job training in a realistic work situation. At the same time, multiple parameters can be measured and recorded to assess the ergonomics of the proposed system. As opposed to 3D simulators, trainees get involved in their actual context at full scale in the real environment. AR systems allow users to see animated procedures, guidance information and hints directly on the equipment, showing exactly how to proceed before they do it themselves. Users naturally interact with objects using gestures or 3D interfaces as if they were in an operational situation.
Contextualized training and direct hands-on experience provide a truly engaging experience. This way to learn is proven to be the most effective way to understand and retain information.

Inscape Augmented Reality Training

Main Features

  • 3D animations and step-by-step procedures overlaid to real world objects
  • Display of internal parts of equipments and schematics
  • Contextual quizzes and multimedia content
  • Connection to LMS systems
  • Recording of virtual probes to assess usability and ergonomics


  • Reduced training material costs due to the mutualisation of data and scenarios with AR operational systems
  • Optimal understanding of complex equipments and processes, with no possible ambiguity
  • Contextual learning is proven to be more easily retained by students
  • Ergonomics studies while training