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Turnkey Virtual Training solution

Inscape VTS is the most efficient solution to build scalable training applications such as Virtual Maintenance Trainers (VMT) or Virtual Task Trainers. The software suite includes all the tools to develop engaging training simulators and operate them in instructor-supervised classrooms or as self-learning training courses.

Why Inscape VTS?

Cost effective training content creation

Cost effective training content creation

Save time and money in the creation of your training sets. Specifically designed for the Virtual Training, Inscape VTS provides a set of tools to rapidly create and modify lessons scenarios, define interactive parts on any equipment or create 3D and multimedia animated content without programming.

Designed for subject matter experts

Designed for subject matter experts

Unlike a general-purpose 3D editor, Inscape VTS is designed for subject matter experts. Absolutely no programming is required.

Large library of reusable logics

Large library of reusable logics

Create interactive equipments in minutes by assigning existing logics to 3D parts. Quickly design entire cockpits (screens, push buttons, switches, moving sticks, knobs, circuit brakers, ...), mechanical equipments (removable parts, screws, pipes, cables, doors...) or electronic devices (LRU, radar, antenna, ...).

Main benefits

Improve training efficiency

Improve training efficiency

Learning by doing is proven to be the most effective way to understand and retain information. Inscape VTS facilitates the learning, training and evaluation of operations. It helps students accelerating intervention times and reducing costly mistakes.

Improve uptime of the actual equipment

Improve uptime of the actual equipment

Benefit from a higher operational availability by limiting the time spent by students on the real equipments. Save money by reducing training mistakes on real systems and the use of spare parts. Trainees are safe from injuries that may occur during physical hands-on training.

Evaluate and track students’ progress

Evaluate and track students’ progress

Follow the progress of students along time and detect areas where mistakes are the more frequent in order to improve the training sets. Inscape VTS provides real-time monitoring means, reports generation tools and full replay capabilities.

Inscape VTS architecture

Main features

Inscape VTS editor

Graphical creation of training scenarios

Rapidly define linear and multi-branch scenarios using simple drag and drop operations. Even complex logics can be implemented without programming. Powerful graphical debugging tools allow instructor to visualize in real-time course progress and execution of equipments logics.

Integrated drag-and-drop workflow

The graphical editor minimizes the training courses production times. 3D models can be split into interactive parts without requiring the need for 3rd party modelling software. Scenarios can be tested directly from within the editor without deployment.

Highly collaborative workflow

Inscape VTS is designed for large teams working in parallel on the same project. It includes locking of project parts, modifications tracking and logging, on-the-fly update and a set of integrity checking tools.

E-learning and multimedia material

Enhance your content with animations and special effects, animated characters, schematics, videos, sounds, web pages, documentation files, quizzes and much more. Custom objects such as support or servicing equipments can be in integrated into the training scenarios to improve interactivity and involvement of trainees.

Inscape VTS trainer

Intuitive user interface

The trainee’s software provides a modern and very intuitive user interface facilitating its use by all kinds of students. The application can take advantages of multiple screens and touch interfaces. Detachable and resizable panels provide an easy access to cockpits and other control panels. Navigating in the 3D virtual environment is very intuitive with the mouse or with touch screens.

High fidelity 3D rendering

The immersive training environment provides high-quality rendering taking advantage of all graphics cards, with full support of 3D stereo and head-tracked devices. Multiple simultaneous views of the virtual environment can be displayed simultaneously. Collision management and physics simulation enable accurate simulation of 3D objects interactions.

Single player or team training

Students can practice scenarios individually or in networked team training. In multiplayer mode, several trainees with their own virtual environment can interact which each other to complete collaborative tasks. Teams can be created at runtime and reconfigured on-the-fly depending on training objectives.

Demo, practice and evaluation modes

Three mode are available to cover the entire educational process. The demo mode shows how to perform an operation. Each task is described textually and illustrated in the 3D environment. In practice mode, students can train in full autonomy with an optional assistance when they get blocked. In evaluation, they perform the whole procedure without any help under the supervision of an instructor.

Integrated documentation consulting

Trainees get access to the full system documentation from within the training tool. Reference documents can be displayed in a dedicated window, a separate screen, or directly in the virtual environment as a 3D screen.


The software suite is available in several languages and can be easily localized to other languages through external files. The content library and the students and supervisor user interfaces also benefit from a localization mechanism making it easy to deploy the same content in different countries, including in case of updates.

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Graphical administration tool

Instructors visualise the classroom environment, online terminals and logged-in users on a map. They can assign different training scenarios to students and launch them remotely. All events such as end of session or technical issues are notified graphically to the instructor.

Training course demonstration

Instructors can perform a live demonstration showing how to use the system or how to perform a given procedure exactly the same way as a student would do. They have a clear understanding of how to use the system and of the expected actions.

Real-time supervision

Instructors keep track of trainee’s progress in real-time, making it possible to detect weak areas for potential intervention. The main screen shows a global view of student’s progress, and they can access to individual students statistics in real-time: automated charts and progress computation, action history, etc.

Record and replay

All trainees’ actions are recorded for later replay, including the navigation into the virtual environment, viewed objects and performed actions. Instructors can replay a full session or navigate into it in order to analyze precisely a specific sequence. They can also use it as a support for a collective debriefing.

After Action Review generation

The AAR wizard helps instructors creating customized debriefing presentations. After selecting specific events on the action timeline, they can annotate them, take screenshots and videos at the relevant time and generate the corresponding presentation in minutes.

Reports and history

For each training session, a report aggregating the actions performed, the ideal number of actions, the errors and their severity, the instructor comments and other statistics is generated. It makes it easy to detect areas where errors are frequently made and to monitor training objectives over time.

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Inscape VTS is built around a fault tolerant distributed architecture. It makes it possible to resume an interrupted session or restore the entire system state event after a general failure (power loss, etc.).


Inscape VTS is provided with a SDK giving the possibility to define custom training actions, add specific content, support new devices, or new file formats. Customized Trainer or Supervision applications can be developed from scratch of by modifying the generic ones.

Standard formats

Inscape VTS support many standard formats facilitating the integration of 3D models and characters, images, videos, documentation content, sounds or web content.

Open architecture

Thanks to its open architecture, Inscape VTS can easily be connected to external systems such as Learning Management Systems, Content Management Systems, Source Control Management or other IT software..